Choosing the best wedding suit for the groom

Groom’s wedding suit should be the counterpart of the bride’s dress. The harmony relies on how the tuxedo, or complements the dress. Regardless the importance, man’s tuxedo is taken for granted, and every attention goes to the bride’s dress. Here are some tips to avoid having a bad looking tux, and to get the best.

Selecting the material

Tuxedo93248Wool is the best material for a tux. It does not wrinkle and looks neat when worn. Various brands promise to sell the best quality wool, but the availability often confuses us. The material should be evaluated regarding the weight, detailed design, and how well it can ventilate perspiration.

Wool keeps heat well, and the best material to maintain body heat, or retaining hot temperature, is linen-wool. Light-wool tuxedo is also available, and this material provides more air circulation and expels heat. Polyester has the similar trait with light-wool, but the polyester tux is cheaper than the others.

Selecting the buttons

Button’s placing did not come out of the blue and had meanings related to it. Three buttons on the tux meaning that your man is favorable enough amongst girls. One or two buttons of a tux can give height illusion for men with the short build. Three to four buttons are only proper to wear by a male with exceptional height.

Choosing for the inner shirts

Groom6634Cotton-made broken-white shirts or ivory-color shirts are all the standard. For the shirt types, pleated-front, pique-bib, and plain tuxes are available to try.

Plain tuxedo shirt is to present maximum formality with minimum effort. There is no decoration on the shirt, no folded part, just plain non-wrinkled shirt. You need to put this on in the fitting room before buying it to make sure it fits perfectly. Baggy shirts beneath a tux will definitely ruin your prince charming.

Pique-bib shirt has patterns which adds the aesthetics on the shirt without looking too much casual. This shirt gives flamboyant flavor to your gentleman look.

Pleated-front tux shirt is the most formal tux shirt. It looks very formal and may not be suitable if your bride decides a casual wedding dress.


Bride and Groom suits0234The suit’s arms-length should not exceed the inner shirts. Prioritizing the comfort when wearing the tuxedo is the most important. If you are not sure with your tuxedo preference, then consult an expert. tuxedo rental might help you once or twice. It is best to try the desired tux in the place.

Do not forget about the shoes too. Your aim to achieve formal look can get ruined if you wear the wrong shoes. Black or dark brown is the most neutral color to wear for a man.