Signs that you need to take a pregnancy test

Taking a pregnancy test can be a very nerve wracking experience. A time comes when you have to clear your doubts and determine whether you are pregnant or not. We now have home pregnancy tests to help in clearing the doubts as soon as possible. Home pregnancy tests are now accurate and can be taken as early as possible. If you are suspecting that you might be pregnant, then buy a home pregnancy test kit and do the test. Here are signs that you need to take a test.

Do you need to take a test?

You have missed your period

The first sign that it is time to take a pregnancy test is if you have missed your period. When you miss your period, wait at least seven days and then take a pregnancy test. It is advisable to wait for seven days for the accuracy of the test. You are also required to wait for seven days because sometimes you might not be pregnant, and you will realize that your period is just late. Since home pregnancy tests are easy to take, you can just buy it and keep it at home as you wait.


You suspect contraceptive failure

If you have been using contraceptives and you suspect that they failed, then it is time to take a pregnancy test. Like you already know, contraceptives are not 100% effective and there are still chances of failure.

Cramping and breast soreness

There is always confusion when it comes to cramping and breast soreness. Cramping and soreness of the breast might be signs of ovulation but it might also an early sign of pregnancy. When it comes to cramping, it might come a few days after missing your period. When you experience this cramping, it might be followed by spotting, and this is due to the process of implantation. Breast soreness is also a symptom of hormonal change as a result of pregnancy.


You are feeling different

Feeling different can be an early sign of pregnancy and especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms like a missed period. For instance, if you notice that you are suddenly suffering from fatigue, frequent urination and sensitivity to smells. These are signs that your body is adapting to the new changes that are brought about by pregnancy.